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Housing Options


Housing Options provides advice and assistance to people who are homeless, about to become homeless or are experiencing housing difficulties.  Advice and assistance can be given to people whether they own their own home, are a tenant of a Registered Social Landlord, have a private rented sector tenancy, are a lodger or living with parents.

A person can contact Housing Options if they are concerned about or experiencing:

  •  Homelessness
  •  Staying at their present home
  •  Rent or mortgage arrears
  •  Being evicted or repossessed
  •  Relationship with landlord
  •  Family arguments
  •  Domestic abuse
  •  Any other reason that affects a person's ability to stay at their home

Advice and Assistance

Prior to contacting housing options, please complete a housing options form

  •  Complete an initial contact form to assess a person's circumstances and arrange an interview with a Housing Options Officer
  •  Provide assistance and advice with housing issues
  •  Signpost to relevant agencies who may be able to assist
  •  Provide an advice and assistance pack which contains information
  •  Offer a home visit if required

Housing Options Officers will discuss and advise on all housing issues and explore all possibilities of alleviating them including:

  •  Landlord negotation
  •  Assistance in obtaining a tenancy within the private rented sector
  •  Accessing the Bond Scheme to obtain a bond for a private rented sector tenancy
  •  Signposting to legal advice
  •  Signpost to debt advice
  •  Support and assistance in submitting information in court cases in rlation to arrears, evictions and repossessions
  •  Accessing mediation services for 16 and 17 year olds
  •  Advice and assitance with housing benefit problems

For further Information Contact:

Housing Options
Housing Advice Centre, 20 Church Street, Ebbw Vale, NP23 6BG

Tel: 01495 354600


Homelessness Emergency Out of Hours (01495) 311556


Also if you know of anyone street homeless in Blaenau Gwent alternatively you can contact