Accessible Housing


Accessible housing is designed to meet the needs of people with physical disability and or sensory impairment. Accessible housing is different from supported housing, as it is about catering for the physical disability requirements of the household.

There are different types of accessible housing to meet the needs of any applicants. Some homes could be fully wheelchair accessible, whilst other homes may have specific adaptations.

Having additional support needs is no barrier to applying for an accessible home. If you have a physical disability, mental health problem and/ or learning disability, you can apply for accessible housing through the Common Housing Register. As part of this process you will be assessed by an Occupational Therapist to ensure that your accessible housing needs are fully understood. Housing allocations are made on a ‘best match’ basis.

Disabled Facilities Grants

If you, or someone living in your home, are disabled you may be able to get help with adapting your home or facilities to help you continue living there (click here).

For advice on grants for owner-occupiers, private renters and housing associations tenants contact Social Services on 01495 315700 (Adult/Children)