Blaenau Gwent County Borough Council in partnership with Welsh Government is providing interest-free loans to bring private rented properties up to standard. The landlord loans can also be used to bring Empty Properties back into use.

Loans are available to assist owners to carry out repairs or improvements to their rented properties and to bring empty properties back into occupancy. The loan is available for owners who wish to sell or rent out the property. Loans can be used for work on residential properties or commercial buildings, which can include splitting a property into flats.

Applicants can apply for a loan up to £35,000 per unit, with a maximum of £250,000 per applicant. Repayment terms can be monthly, quarterly or yearly staged payments or full repayment at the end of the loan term or on transfer/sale of the property if earlier.

Where the loan approved is a “Loan to Sell” the loan will be repayable immediately and no later than the date stipulated in the Loan Facility Agreement (maximum of 2 years).

Where the loan approved is a “Loan to Let”, the loan will be repayable no later than the date stipulated in the Loan Facility Agreement (maximum of 5 years), unless there is an earlier disposal of the property or the units within the property are divided and all sold on the same day.

For “Loans to let” longer periods of between 5 and 10 years could be negotiated subject to agreement that, on completion of the works, the property will be rented at Local Housing Allowance levels with local authority nomination rights for the negotiated period.

The Local Authority does provide loans for owner occupiers and more information on these loans can be obtained on the contact details below.

If you require funding to bring your rented or empty property up to standard please contact a Member of the Housing Team at or on 01495 354600 (option 1)


Owner Occupier (Home Improvement & Property Appreciation Schemes)

The ‘Home Improvement Loan’ scheme is funded by the Welsh Government to provide interest-free loans for housing improvements.  Improvements could be any work that is needed to make a home safe, warm or secure. There is no automatic entitlement to this loan. Loans are subject to available funding and there may be waiting list on times.

Home Improvement Appreciation Loans