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Landlord Survey 2021

Published: Friday 14 May 2021

Information for landlords

Do you own and/or manage homes in the area? If so, we want to hear from you!

We’re carrying out a survey of landlords to:

✅know more about the nature of the business that make up the private rented sector in Blaenau Gwent

✅understand how we can work in partnership with you to provide good quality accommodation and sustainable tenancies for Blaenau Gwent tenants.

✅develop an accurate and reliable database of local landlords to enable us to provide you with accurate and up to date information on any issues that affect you in your role.

Complete our online survey here

Local Lettings Policy - Colbourne Close, Sirhowy, Tredegar

Published: Thursday 28 January 2021

October 2020 - New build - Colbourne Close, Sirhowy, Tredegar

Local Lettings Policy - Colbourne Close, Sirhowy, Tredegar.DOCX



Allocations Policy / Priotisting Applications


Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation Assessment

Published: Monday 6 April 2020

Your Future, Your Say 15/02/2020 - 10/04/2020

To speak with the Council, please telephone 01495 354600
or visit the Housing Advice Centre, 20 Church Street, Ebbw Vale, Gwent, NP23 4AL


Part 3 of the Housing (Wales) Act 2014 requires local authorities in Wales to undertake a Gypsy and Traveller accommodation assessment and, where an unmet need is identified, to make provision for residential site pitches. We therefore need to talk to the Gypsy, Traveller and Travelling Showpeople communities to find out whether your family needs a residential pitch, house or transit site.

The definition of the target community as it appears in Section 108 of the Housing (Wales) Act 2014 is:

Persons of a nomadic habit of life, whatever their race or origin, including:

  • persons who, on grounds only of their own or their family’s or dependant’s educational or health needs or old age, have ceased to travel temporarily or permanently, and

  • members of an organized group of travelling show people or circus people (whether or not travelling together as such); and

  • all other persons with a cultural tradition of nomadism or of living in a mobile home

The assessment is meant to be carried out every 5 years but Blaenau Gwent County Borough Council are conducting ours earlier in relation to the development of the Local Development Plan (LDP).

We are hoping to talk to as many families and individuals as possible before the 23rd March 2020 in order to produce a robust evaluation of need in Blaenau Gwent County Borough Council. Information collected during the survey will be used to determine how many pitches are needed within the county, both now and in the future. Any personal data gathered will be held under our privacy notice which is available on the Council’s website.

The GTAA will be carried out in accordance with statutory guidance issued by Welsh Government available at: Gypsy and traveller accommodation assessments: guidance.

If you have any further questions about the assessment, or if you would like to take part in the survey, please email or telephone 01495 354600.

Asesiad Llety Sipsiwn a Theithwyr

Published: Thursday 12 March 2020

Eich Dyfodol, Eich Llais 15/02/2020 - 16/03/2020

I siarad gyda’r Cyngor ffoniwch 01495 354600
neu ymweld â’r Ganolfan Cyngor Tai, 20 Stryd yr Eglwys, Glynebwy,NP23 4AL


Mae Rhan 3 Deddf Tai (Cymru) 2014 yn ei gwneud yn ofynnol i awdurdodau lleol yng Nghymru gynnal asesiad llety Sipsiwn a Theithwyr a lle dynodir na chaiff angen ei ddiwallu, i wneud darpariaeth ar gyfer lleiniau safleoedd preswyl. Rydym felly angen siarad gyda’r cymunedau Sipsiwn, Teithwyr a Siewmyn Teithiol i ganfod os yw eich teulu angen llain breswyl, tŷ neu safle tramwy.

Y diffiniad o’r gymuned darged a roddir yn Adran 108 Deddf (Tai) Cymru yw:

  • personau sydd, ar sail eu hanghenion addysg, eu hanghenion iechyd neu eu henaint eu hunain, neu anghenion addysg, anghenion iechyd neu henaint eu teulu neu ddibynnydd, ac ar y sail honno yn unig, wedi rhoi’r gorau i deithio dros dro yn barhaol, a

  • aelodau o grŵp trefnedig o siewmyn teithiol neu bersonau sy’n rhan o syrcasau teithiol (pa un a ydynt yn cyd-deithio mewn grŵp o’r fath a peidio); a

  • unrhyw bersonau eraill sydd â thraddodiad diwylliannol o nomadiaeth neu o fyw mewn cartref symudol

Bwriedir cynnal yr asesiad bob 5 mlynedd ond mae Cyngor Bwrdeistref Sirol Blaenau Gwent yn cynnal ein hasesiad ni yn gynharach yng nghyswllt datblygu’r Cynllun Datblygu Lleol.

Gobeithiwn siarad gyda chynifer o deuluoedd ac unigolion ag sydd modd cyn 23 Mawrth 2020 er mwyn paratoi gwerthusiad cadarn o angen yng Nghyngor Bwrdeistref Sirol Blaenau Gwent. Defnyddir gwybodaeth a gesglir yn ystod yr arolwg i benderfynu faint o leiniau sydd eu hangen o fewn y sir, yn awr a hefyd yn y dyfodol. Caiff unrhyw ddata bersonol a gesglir ei chadw dan ein hysbysiad preifatrwydd sydd ar gael ar wefan y Cyngor.

Cynhelir y GTAA yn unol â chanllawiau statudol a gyhoeddwyd gan Lywodraeth Cymru sydd ar gael yn: Asesiadau llety sipsiwn a theithwyr: canllawiau.

Os oes gennych unrhyw gwestiynau pellach am yr asesiad, neu os hoffech gymryd rhan yn yr arolwg, anfonwch e-bost at neu ffonio 01495 354600.

Local Lettings Policy for Citadel Close, Sirhowy, Tredegar until Feb 2021

Published: Monday 2 March 2020

United Welsh Housing Association

Local Lettings Policy

Citadel Close, Sirhowy, Tredegar



In agreement with Blaenau Gwent County Borough Council, United Welsh Housing Association will let all properties at Citadel Close, Sirhowy, Tredegar under a separate Local Lettings Policy.

The Welsh Government Delivery Outcomes for Housing Associations in Wales include the expected outcome that ‘we let homes in a fair and transparent way’…and that we should be able to demonstrate that ‘access to our homes is fair and open, and we work with others to ensure routes into our housing are well publicized, easy to understand and simple to use.  We give reasonable preference to those in greatest housing need, or are homeless, whilst maximizing choice and sustaining communities’.

The Regulatory Code for Housing Associations stipulates that ‘Association’s should have a fair selection policy and seek to achieve a balance between:

•           The needs and preferences of applicants and transferees

•           The need to maximize social inclusion

•           The need to build stable communities

•           The need to make best use of a publicly funded resource’

Scope and Background

Citadel Close is a block of 10 x one bedroom flats and 2 x 2 bedroom flats, situated next to an older persons living complex (Cronin Court) and within close proximity to GDAS and Woffington House a Housing and Care nursing home. 

Historically Citadel Close Flats has had a high number of allocations of vulnerable individuals which include people with drug and alcohol dependency and mental health problems. This has resulted in high levels of anti-social behavior, high tenancy failure and high void times. 

The results of this have been disturbance to the neighbours and surrounding businesses, reputational damage to United Welsh, increased costs due to intensive management. The anti-social behavior has resulted in above average wear and tear on the properties and communal areas leading to difficulties in keeping the building clear and in a presentable condition. 

As a scheme it has attracted a poor reputation, and it appears to be in decline, it is becoming increasingly difficult to attract new tenants.  In many cases it is only those who have no choice – those with multiple support needs, vulnerabilities, and challenging behaviour that will accept these properties.  This, in turn, exacerbates the management issues, thus perpetuating the difficulties in re-letting the scheme.  

There has been no local lettings policy attached to this block previously.

Aims and Objectives

The policy is intended to take account of the particular needs of the local area, as well as the specific issues identified above:

  • The need to build a stable/settled community

  • The need to build a balanced community

  • The need to reduce anti-social behaviour and the perception of anti-social behaviour

  • The need to prevent the decline of the area, and the reputation of the scheme

    This extended Local Lettings Policy will make use of the lettings opportunity creating a sustainable community. Its aim is to maximise the number of tenants living on the site that can sustain tenancies in order to increase community cohesion and reduce any estate management/anti-social behaviour issues on the close.  United Welsh Housing Association can confirm that they are still experiencing the same issues (Local Lettings Policy 2019/2020) and void turnaround has been very slow due to the reputation of the close.

    17-28 Citadel Close has a notorious reputation for Anti-Social Behaviour and Drug dealing. There are often street homeless people sleeping in the communal hallway, and gangs of young people that target specific individuals for financial gain. Intelligence is constantly provided to the Police regarding various illegal activities, and within the last 6 months 2 injunctions have been obtained to prevent specific individuals from accessing the block.

    Current tenants –

    Citadel Close has 12 flats, two are currently void.

    Running from January 2018 – January 2019

    5 tenants have current mental health issues

    6 tenants have support needs

    4 tenants are experiencing financial difficulty

    5 tenants are vulnerable and are currently being taken advantage of

    5 tenants are involved in current ASB within the block

    Anti - Social Behaviour

    For the last 2 years the Anti-Social Behaviour has been constant, and range from

  • Drug Dealing

  • Noise Nuisance

  • Violence towards residents

  • Violence to visitors

  • Violence to United Welsh staff

  • Violence towards contractors

  • Graffiti

  • Criminal damage to United Welsh property

  • People sleeping in the hallways

  • Non-residents using the communal areas to administer Heroin (Leaving their paraphilia behind)

  • Most recently a resident has destroyed their belongings and our property with an axe, which resulted in the Police removing this individual from the block.

The Anti-Social behaviour has cost the association thousands of pounds for repairs, two person visits, time spent managing the block, upgrading the CCTV systems, de-activating door fobs, additional clean ups, and removal of rubbish.

United Welsh will take action against all Anti-Social Behaviour however this is currently proving very difficult as either no one will report issues through fear, or the majority of the residents are involved in the same criminal act together.

Location Eligibility and Duration

The policy will apply to all properties that are being let at Citadel Close, Sirhowy, Tredegar.  It requires preference to be given to those applicants as below: -

  • Where 2 or more applicants on the list have equal priority, preference will be given to applicants who are working or in training.


  • Applicants must have a successful previous occupancy history, references to be taken up, which will include private landlords/hostels or cases where Blaenau Gwent Council have knowledge of the applicant and are satisfied that they would be unlikely to cause a nuisance/housing management issues.No previous history of anti-social behaviour.


  • Applicants will not be considered if there are any current alcohol or substance related support needs, or if there are any other high support needs, this will include people with mental health issues.


  • Applications will not be considered from applicants with any pets unless authorisation is given by the Neighbourhood Officer.


  • Applicants will only be considered if there are no criminal convictions.


    The Local Lettings Policy will last for a period of 12 months and will cover all initial lets and relets during this period.  The policy will be reviewed before the 12 months’ period expires and will be extended for another 12 months if required.



    This policy will remain in place for 12 months until February 2021 at which time it will be reviewed before the 12-month period expires.  United Welsh Housing Association will report its findings to the Housing Manager/Senior Officer, Blaenau Gwent Council.